Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Place To Be

There is a Fisher-Price book, A House for Mouse by Babs Shook, that my daughter loved when she was four.  My son, who is three, found the book and asked me to read it to him the other day.  While reading, one line stuck with me and has been playing over in my head day after day.  "I need a house, a place to be."  Don't we all.  Isn't that what our house should be?  A place for our family  To be safe and comfortable, busy and relaxed.  To be themselves; to be loved.  To be taught and disciplined.  To be fed physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  A place they want to be.  A place they  are allowed to be.  A place their "being" is desired. 

If I can accomplish providing for my family this little mouse's aspiration of a place to be, I will have been a success.  The pay may not be great, but the rewards outweigh the national debt!


  1. So just how do you find time to blog? I haven't got enough to say to start a blog so I just use FB with privacy.
    I love your thoughts about creating a home as a sanctuary. My aim as a parent was the same along with providing a safety net for Clint when he was out in the world. Now that he has Anne I am trying to back off and only offer help and advice when asked. It is a hard transition for me.
    We still host his friends in our home when they come through OKC. So I guess they got the message too. We are a haven from the storm, come home.

  2. Clint will always know he has you and UJ for a safety net. Now he is married, he will just expect the net to be bigger in order to catch Anne too. I can only hope my children's friends will come to love our home the way so many of Clint'd friends love your's.