Friday, February 10, 2012

The Ten Year View

This will be my last post about time for a while.  I know I have been a little wordy in some of the other post, so I will keep this one short and sweet.  I want us all to take a ten year view of our lives.  Where will we be in ten years?  In my case, I will, Lord willing, have a daughter in her first year of college, and a son who has just become a teenager.  My husband will be retiring from the plant he has worked at his whole professional life. I will have more time to pursue personal interest instead of care taking responsibilities.  A lot will have changed, and that is my point.

We often feel that we are in the wrong time.  Some feel like their whole lives revolve around diapers and spit up, or ball games and school functions.  Some people feel like life has passed them by; like they have raised their children and there is nothing left to do.  But if we will take a ten year view, we will see that diapers and school functions don't last forever. For the empty nesters, there is a freedom to pursue all of the things you put on hold to care for others.  You just have to remember what those pursuits were!!

Carpe Diem, whatever our diem holds, because this is the only diem we have.  God bless us all to serve Him to the best of our ability each moment we live.

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