Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Things I Love

A list of ten loves on Valentine's day.

1.  My amazing, patient, kind, hard-working, musical, sweet, husband.

2. My dramatic, tender, giggly, girl.

3. My rowdy, dirty, busy, loud boy.

4. The amazing ladies in my home school group that encourage me so very much.

5. Chocolate.

6. My Momma, who had to teach me to control a terrible temper.

7. My Daddy, who taught me how to think and reason for and by myself.

8. My friend Donna, for always being honest.

9. Chocolate.

10.  Last, and most, my Savior, who loved me before I was ever born, who taught me to love Him, and who gives bountiful blessings to me each day I live.


  1. I hope your hard-working husband does not forget the chocolate. :)

  2. Excellent list. I love that you have chocolate twice.

  3. The awesome husband did forget the chocolate, but I remedied the situation! ;) However, he gave me the night off last night. I got a long bath with a good book, and he played with, bathed, and put the kids in bed. A great V-day all around.