Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stolen Moments

Tonight I danced with my husband in our living room.  Two songs.  A big laughing moment whose joke I will not share.  Kisses.  Hugs.

About 6 minutes of just us.

Exactly what we both needed after a tough week.

It doesn't take a lot of time or money to connect.  I have to stop what I am doing.  He has to stop what he is doing.  Usually, one of us has to stop the other.  And when we do, we fall in love again.  I remember that he is more than my provider and the father of my children.  He remembers I am more than his housekeeper and mother of his children.   I don't mind those roles, and he doesn't mind his roles...but we must remember that we are more than that to each other.  We are sweethearts.

Stolen moments are what keep us connected as a couple.  Yes, we are parents, and church members, and we have daily obligations we must fulfill together and separately.  But one day, Lord willing, he will retire.  The children will have their own homes.  It will just be the two of us.  And I want us to know each other, and love each other, and enjoy being together without all the distractions of life.  So, we steal moments.  Sometimes, just 6 minutes.  And we remember the person we gave ourselves to, and we give ourselves again.

" I am my beloved's, and he is mine."

Steal a moment with your beloved.  Dance to a song.  Sit in his lap.  Brush her hair.  Go look at the stars.  Fall in love again....and again.....and again.