Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Charity or Drama

Okay, ladies, we have a choice to make.  Every day, especially women, have this choice to make.  Maybe it is because we are emotional creatures.  Maybe it is because we read body language as a language instead of listening to words.  Assuredly, we have this choice to make because we are sinners saved by the grace of a loving God. We have to decide if we are going to be charitable ladies or drama queens.

If we are a born again daughter of God, both of these characters reside within us.  Did you pay attention to that statement?  We are ALL drama queens.  We are ALL charitable ladies.  So as you read the rest of this, resist the urge to apply this to anyone but yourself.   "With what judgement you judge, ye shall be judged;" (Matthew 7:12 KJV)   Let us be careful to apply this to ourselves so that we might see ourselves clearly.

 The drama queen believes everyone is out to get her, that her actions are right and all who don't agree are clueless, and that so long as she is doing what is right for herself, she need not be concerned with how others are affected or even how others perceive her. She is known for her emotional outbursts and her quick and harsh judgement of other people.  She is easily offended and finds in needful to publish her offenses abroad, either by quick and violent outburst of tears or loud and explosive bouts of indignation.  If she is not reined in, she will eventually find that she has few friends left, and that they are all fellow drama queens.  She finds that contentment is elusive and is always looking for something new to come into her life and make all right. She is often unaware that she is a drama queen, thinking these characteristics apply to others, but not herself.

The charitable lady is ready, even anxious, to love people.  When people offend her, she is gracious in extending understanding and forgiveness.   She prefers to think any injuries done to her were the result of ignorance or were accidental.  She is ready to acknowledge her faults, often viewing herself as standing in need of improvement in many areas of life.  She is concerned with the well being of those around her and will often exhaust herself in her pursuit of helping others.  She exercises discipline over her emotions and is known as a level headed, calming, and often wise individual.  When she offends others, she is quick to make the wrong right, abasing herself, if necessary, to restore peace.  She keeps her tongue in check and is not considered a gossip.  Contentment is her frequent companion and her life is often filled with joyful moments.  She is surrounded by friend who flock to her for advice and comfort.  She is often unaware that she is a charitable lady, thinking these characteristics belong to others, but not herself.

As stated earlier, if we are born again, both of these women are part of us. It is up to us to decide which we will feed and which we will starve.  Yesterday, I let my drama queen out of her box and suffered through a pretty rough day.  The drama queen didn't change one of the difficulties I faced, it just made them harder for me to get through.  She didn't relieve one burden, but she added several.  By the end of the day, I was emotionally exhausted and just wanted to be left alone.  How much better would my day had been if I would have chosen to starve the drama queen, and to instead feed the charitable lady.  I would have had a busy day, maybe even a tough day, but I am convinced I would have had an easier day.  Perhaps, I might have even had a joyful day.

So today my goal is to put the drama queen back in her cage and to try and feed the other lady.  I want to recognize the opportunities I have to serve the Lord by serving others.  I want to assume that any offense I might experience today is committed by accident by those that don't know any better or were just misunderstood.  I want to pursue joy.  I want the words that proceed out of my mouth today to be gracious words.  I might not achieve all that I want today, but I am convinced I will be blessed in the pursuit.  I want to make a habit out of choosing charity over drama.  It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Peace.  Contentment.  Joy.  Yes, that is a life worth pursuing.  Care to join me?

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