Friday, March 21, 2014

A Remembered Thought

I am going to visit my folks for the week, and I am sooooo looking forward to seeing my parents and my brother and sister in love and their children.  I am not going to be blogging for obvious reasons, so I thought I would leave you a point to ponder.  And then get ready, because I plan to start a series sure to cause discussion. (Don't you just love a good teaser!)

While skimming through my past blog posts, I came across this statement......

           Recognizing our limits is not being is just being human.

Think about that.  Limits are not failures.  They are a fact of humanity.  Safety and reason demand we recognize them.  Curiosity challenges us to push them.  Arrogance claims there are none.  Fear screams they are insurmountable.  However you view them, it is true we all have them.  Humanity is limited, and I think it would be beneficial to sometimes stop and ponder this reality.  It is a humbling thought.

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