Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Long View for Marriages

This quote from Ira Glass is what got me thinking about the long view.

I think this one also speaks well to this subject.

“Was it possible to love a man who made you feel ridiculous? Of course [.....], love was complicated, that was all. Or was love simple, and marriage was complicated? In seventeen years of marriage David had often left her feeling frustrated, and furious, and disgusted, yes - but he had also made her feel beautiful, and protected, and loved. And oh, what she would give to feel loved right now.” 
― Laura BrodieThe Widow's Season

If we commit ourselves to marriage as we should, we will have our spouse for a very long time.  Time enough for troubles to become lessons, for fights to become times of forgiveness, and for frustrations to become growing pains.  But we won't have them forever....just until we are parted by death.  So each day's blessings should be treasured, each chance for loving should be taken and given, and each moment of laughter tucked away.  The long view of marriage tells us that our troubles are small and our blessings are precious.  Now, if we can just keep this perspective as we live with our spouses every day.

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