Thursday, August 9, 2012

GO!!!! Day 1 of Pinterest Week

WHAT A DAY!!!!  I am tired, but very excited to show you day 1's results.

We will start with the bad.  I had a paintbrush that was in pretty bad shape due to my forgetfulness.  I was distracted while cleaning up my last painting project and forgot to clean the brush.  But I found a pin that suggested soaking the brush in warm vinegar for 30 minutes and then washing it with warm soap and water. This accomplished nothing.  I was very disappointed.


The rest of my projects today went very well.  First, Daniel and I made shaving cream paints!

 We filled the cups of a muffin tin with shaving cream, and added food coloring.  We mixed colors and added different numbers of drops.  Then we stirred.  These were the results.

The young artist stayed busy until he ran out of paint.  He was quite pleased with his efforts.  Clean up was easier than expected and the bathtub (his canvas) is quite clean.

I also cleaned my washer today.  It was NASTY!!

I have wiped out the inside from time to time, but have never in my 15 years relationship with this appliance cleaned it like this.  Long story short, I used a bleach soak, a vinegar soak, and minimal elbow grease.  Look at these results!!

This next pin I did earlier in the week, when we were in Fort Smith.  Actually, my husband ran in and did it for me while I stayed in the car with the wiggly, destructive one.  He took a photo into Staples and asked then to make a 2x3 ft engineer print.  Elizabeth from Staples was extremely helpful and the print is wonderful!  And it cost $3.00.  HA!!  I put it in a poster frame, and it will hang in my daughter's newly decorated room.  She knows I am decorating, but doesn't know how.  I can't wait for her to see this!!  BTW, they only print in black and white.

Also for her room, I am painting her desk.  I was going to wait until it was completely finished to share it with you, but I am to excited about the how the top turned out.  First a before picture.

I removed the rest of the hardware and lightly sanded the whole thing with a hand sander. Then I painted the entire thing with flat black paint.  And then I added stripes to the top with the same color of paint in a semi-glss finish.  This is the result.

The pics don't really do it justice.  I can't wait to paint the hardware and put it all back together.

Finally, for super we had a taco bake.  Yummy, though not the most nutritious meal ever...LOTS of cheese.  But it was quick, and easy, and cheep.

So that is day 1 for me.  I am tired, and will soon be going to bed.  I have several things planned for the rest of the week, and I am excited about the prospect of sharing with you.  All of these pins can be found on my "done" board on pinterest.  I would love to hear from some of you this week.  God Bless!!


  1. Wow! I especially love the desk. Great job!

  2. Love the desk! Neil said to soak the brush in Laquer thinner smash it around and use a wire brush to scrap put paint. Tap on ur foot to shake it out. Clean again in new laquer thinner. Kick it out again. Repeat till clean.

    1. Thanks! I was going to ask him about it this weekend.