Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day Two and Three

Time for a pin update.  We have been super busy getting ready for my mother's arrival and my daughter's return.  They are here now, and Hannah LOVED her room.  Just wait until you see the piece of furniture we built and painted for her!!

First, a couple of pins without pictures.  (Sorry, sometimes life happens before you remember tot ake a picture.)  I made what was advertised as the best sweet tea ever with a special ingredient.  It was REALLY GOOD tea, and the secret ingredient was 1/4 tsp of baking soda.  Strange, I know, but what a difference!  I will never make tea any other way.  Thanks to Ceridwen for pinning the recipe first.  That's my favorite thing about Pinterest...finding a ton of great ideas and recipes in one place.

I also made some bacon/cheese potato rounds for some gentlemen to enjoy last night while their moms/wives were out on the town.  They were a big hit and super easy.  I am almost certain this recipe will appear at our church potluck in the near future.

Speaking of church, we have a lot of company throughout the year when church meetings are in the area.  My next pin will have my company's olfactory senses delighted.  It is a mixture of about 2c baking soda and a TBSP of fabric softer, sprinkled on a mattress, left to sit for an hour, and then vaccumed off.

It is the most blissful smell I have ever experienced when going to bed at night...even better than lined dried sheets!  It also gets rid of dust mites.  This will become a regular part of laundering my sheets every week.

I organized my batteries into a fishing lure/stuff organizer.  Originally, my batteries were lost in a junk drawer that would make anyone with OCD spontaneously combust.  About two months ago, my darling SIL organized that drawer using any box she could find.  My batteries ended up in a repurposed Captain Crunch box...a huge improvement.

But with the fishing box, I could organize them by size and snap the lid shut.
It is nice to be able to see at a glance what batteries we are low on...AA.

Finally, Hannah's bookshelf.  It has shelves on the front and the back and is mounted on a lazy susan.  I painted stripes on the sides so it matched her desk, and the insides of the shelves white for contrast.  The revolving bookcase I pinned is round, but we wanted flat sides so we could put a marker board an a bulletin board om one side and hooks on the other...eventually!

We have some touching up to do, but I am so pleased with how this turned out.  There is a lot of storage on this thing.  

All of these pins can be found on my "done" board on Pinterest.  God Bless!!

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  1. Just catching up. (No computer right now. ) Wow. I am impressed.