Monday, August 13, 2012

Following Instructions

When I was in the third grade, Mrs. Golden, my teacher, handed out a worksheet that she had us place face down on our desk.  She then instructed us to read the worksheet from top to bottom and to follow the instructions carefully.  We were not to begin working until we had completely read the worksheet.  We had all day to complete this assignment.

When she allowed us to turn the worksheet over, my heart sank as I read what our tasks for the day included.  Write your spelling words ten times each. (that would have been 150 words)  Do pages 82-88 in your math book. Show your work.  (we were only on page 20)  List all of the states and their capitals. (Little Rock, AR...ummm)  HOW AM I EVER GOING TO GET THIS DONE!!!!

I kept reading, though I was tempted to begin working right away.  And finally, at the bottom of the page, was this last instruction.  Disregard all of the above.  Sign your name at the top of the page and turn in your worksheet.   WHEW!!

I was the only student in my class to read all the way through before starting to work.  While the rest of my class wrote spelling words, tried multiplying two digit numbers, and looked for the capital of Montana, I read my library book and ran errands for the teacher.  In third grade I knew how to follow instructions.

This ability of mine has declined greatly in the intervening years.  I give you Exhibit A.

This is a picture of some boiled eggs I made in order to test the pin "the perfect boiled egg."  This was not the expected result.

The words pinch and gently are important words.  I was to add a pinch of baking soda to the water. I added about 2 TBS.  I was to gently "bumper car" the eggs.  I shook them like a can of spray paint.  I didn't read the directions carefully, and I certainly did not follow them. And the resulting boiled egg soup was definitely not the next big thing!

I tried again, following the directions this time, and came out with better results.

This egg turned out quite well and was just like the pin said it would be.  It's companion was not as good, but still functional.  I think this would work best when doing several eggs at once instead of just one or two.  

I have more pins to share, but I'll wait until tomorrow.  For tonight, I just want to remember what Mrs. Golden tried to teach me so many years ago......following the directions makes life MUCH easier!!

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