Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Pins

YUM!!  That is the word for homemade Samoas.  The pin I used to find the recipe has recipes for homemade versions of all the Girl Scout Cookies.  Samoas are my GS cookie of choice, so I made them for church this Sunday.  I made bar cookies instead of round cookies.  Two observations....they are NOT a cookie to make on Sunday morning, and they would be best with chocolate on the bottom.  These two statements are closely related.  I did not have enough time to wait for the cookies to cool enough to dip, so I just spread my chocolate on the top.  It was very good, but the bottom was a little dry.

Definitely worth cooking again!

Speaking of chocolate, my three year old sat in chocolate sauce at church a couple of weeks ago.  When I went to get his shorts to pretreat, they had disappeared.  I found them this week at the bottom of his toy box.  (why didn't I think to look there before?)  I used the "best stain treatment ever", at least that is what the pin said.  Here is the before picture.

Chocolate sauce sitting for two weeks on light colored shorts.  I was not hopeful.  The results.....

I was sooooo excited.  This is a keeper!  It makes me want to go stain something!!

One evening we tried our hands at shadow puppets.  Everyone got into the act and we had a BLAST!!  Giggles and hand contortions abounded!  Imaginations were sparked!  We were happy.




I still can't make a bear, but I am going to try again soon.

I tried a vinegar foot soak for my tired feet.  It was nice.  I will probably do it again.  However, since there is vinegar and salt in this foot soak, I will wait for the scrape on my toe to heal first.  OUCH!!!  But the scrape did look much better this morning.  Still......OUCH!!!

We tried exploding ziploc bags with vinegar and baking soda.  It was underwhelming.  We much prefer volcanoes or baking soda/vinegar art.

Finally, today, my mother and I made some freezer meals.  We made my regular freezer meals...lasagna, enchiladas, and chicken pot pie.  But we also made some crockpot freezer meals.  Yes, the only thing better than assembling and throwing a meal into the crockpot in the morning is reaching into your freezer, pulling out a bag, and dumping the contents into the crockpot.  These meals were super fast to assemble (in freezer cooking time) and will be sooo handy.  I hope they will be as tasty as they are convenient!

Crock pot meals on top, others on the bottom.  11 meals.  11.  Insert audible sigh of relief here.

You can find all of these pins on my done board.  I have had fun this week, but I AM glad Pinterest week is almost over.  SO MUCH PRESSURE.  ;)  Keep smiling and God bless!!


  1. I am really impressed! I love Samoas so I'm going to have to get that recipe from you. Is that the soak that's supposed to turn your toenails a white-ish color?

    1. I'm not sure about the toenails. Mine were painted blue. The pin has several vinegar foot soak recipes for different feet ailments. The one I tried was for tired feet.