Monday, May 27, 2013


I have too many thoughts floating through my brain to latch onto one and make a post.  So I will list the thoughts and perhaps that will calm my brain.

1.  The Bible is a timeless book.  The practices and doctrines taught therein will work today if we follow after them.  Satan tries to convince us that we are so enlightened now, we should interpret scripture by society's standards.  Instead we should judge society's standards by scripture.  'Let God be true and every man a liar."

2.  While judging our culture and our environment is healthy, judging individuals is dangerous.  The church as a body must exercise judgement in dealing with members and candidates for baptism, we as individual should not judge each other.  If we compare ourselves to other people, we will have a skewed view.  We have a full time job judging ourselves against the perfect example Christ and trying to walk in a way that is more Christ like.  We should be too busy for mote-picking.

3.  We have mice in our house and they are driving me crazy.  This week we are hunting mice.  BEWARE!!

4.  We have two get togethers we are supposed to go to today...both scheduled at noon.  Bah!  Humbug!!

5.  I love the man I am married too.  He calms me....usually!

6.  Raising kids is hard work.  Sometimes I just want to quit.  I won't.  I love them too much.

7.  Hormones are evil.  I have hated my hormones for daughter's hormones are not a welcome addition to our family.

8.  Teaching discernment is extremely difficult.  Where is the line between being helpful and overstepping your role?  When is it time for a word fitly spoken and when should you mind your own business?  When should you go ahead with a project and when should you stop and wait for leadership from God?  Exercising discernment is hard... but teaching it...ugh!!

9.  I am ready to go to the lake next week...more than ready.

10.  As negative as this list may seem, I am not in a bad mood.  I just have a lot on my mind.

Sorry for such a random post.  Maybe I can get more focused later in the week.


  1. We are ready for another random post.

  2. Time for another blog post...

  3. I like your list. Especially #8. I have a hard enough time with discernment, much less teach it to the boys. I hadn't even thought about that! That's why I need you ladies, y'all help me remember everything I'm supposed to teach them. If you figure out how, let me know!