Monday, May 20, 2013

Good Morning!

It is 5:10.  I am up.  My whole body is protesting, but I am out of bed.  I'm off to make HBON's breakfast and lunch.  More later.


  1. It's 5:55. I have made HBON's lunch and sent him off to work with a hug and a kiss. I have studies my Bible. I have eaten some cantaloupe and have drunk some my water. I'm fixing to hop in the shower. This is sooo much better than sleeping!

  2. I did NOT get up when I should have. I was up multiple times with a nervous little ballerina and by my normal waking up time, was completely zonked. Try again tomorrow!

    1. Nervous ballerinas have a way of wrecking sleeping patterns! Perhaps after the performance tonight a satisfied ballerina will let her Momma rest!

  3. I wasn't up as early either, must admit.

  4. Tomorrow is another day! I think I will check in every morning via the comment section of this post. It will help me to get up and at 'em.

  5. It is 5:27. I have made lunch and breakfast for HBON and he is on his way to slay the dragon. Due to a nightmare by the little guy, followed by a loud and flashing storm that kept me up, I am going back to sleep. The bug guy is coming this morning, so I can't sleep too long, but I believe all in my house old will benefit if I get about 1 more our of rest.

  6. I didn't get up early this morning. I have strained a muscle in my hip and had to take some pain medicine last night. I did not even hear the alarm at 5:00 this morning. Thankfully, HBON reset it to go off at 6:30 and after 15 minutes of blaring it finally pierced the fog in my brain and I woke up. I have showered and dressed and am now sipping a cot drink. On a good note, my hip is not as sore this morning.