Sunday, May 19, 2013

She's back...and just in time!

It has been a LONG time since I have posted.  I have felt bad for leaving "Some Don'ts of Fighting" up for so long.  I hope you all haven't thought I have been fussing with HBON all this time!  I was SICK, and busy, and overwhelmed with decisions to make, people to take care of outside of my family, and the end of school.  And I just decided to take a break from everything I possibly could so that I could have the time, focus and energy to take care of all the rest.

I have fallen off the wagon when it comes to waking up early.  I got bronchitis and slept every chance I had.  Then when I finally was over that, I was back into a bad habit.  This week, I am planning on getting back in the groove, and I am soooooo excited.  I am tired of feeling so rushed, of not having time with HBON in the morning, and of spouting my prayers as quickly as possible to "get them out of the way."  What a horrible attitude!!  I can't wait to renew my morning routine!  Why don't you join me?  In the morning, I will check in when I wake up and all of you can comment that you too are awake and ready to serve the Lord.

Besides wanting to renew my morning routine, I desperately need to.  This is my last free weekend until August.  Weddings, church meetings, and a quick trip to Branson will eat up my weekends for the next two months.  Ball games will take up 2 or 3 evenings a week.  That means the mowing, gardening, and other household activities usually looked after by HBON will fall, in large part, on my shoulders. Which is fine.  That is why I am a stay at home wife and mother.  It is my job and my privilege.   But I will have to work diligently,  wake up early, and strive for peace over the next two months.  So pray for me to be able to do that, if you don't mind.  Especially the last part.  Being calm in the midst of chaos is extremely difficult, but so helpful to my family.  Usually we depend on HBON for that...he is our anchor.  But I want to be part of the calm, instead of a contributor to chaos.  Have a great night!