Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Than Survival

I have gotten into the bad habit of saying I am surviving.

"How are you doing, today?"
"Oh, I'm surviving."

"How was it having your whole family in for a visit?"
"I survived it."

"What's it like raising your very own Tasmanian devil?"
"I hope I'll survive it."

"How about raising a drama queen?"
"I'll never survive it"

What an awful attitude!!  It was startling to me when I realized this is who I had become, because it is not who I feel myself to be.  Deep down, I love my life.  I have just allowed negativity to dominate my thoughts and speech, to the point that inside my head, negativity has become a habit.  And it keeps popping out of my mouth!

So my new resolve is to make my life about more than survival:  to not be a housewife, but a homemaker; not a mother, but a mamma;  not a spouse, but a wife;  not an acquaintance, but a friend.  You can see this is quite an undertaking, and I am hoping this blog will help me.  I hope to record some of the steps I will take in the pursuit of these goals.  I hope to record realizations I come to, as I change my ways.  Most of all, I am hoping that this blog becomes a journal of my transformation from a woman who is just surviving, to one who is flourishing.  I have been richly blessed, and it would be a real shame to not relish these blessings.

So that is what I want to blog about.  That is what I am hoping you will comment on, because I know myself well enough to know this; if I attempt to do this privately, on my own, I will fail.  I need to be held accountable.  I need to be praised.  But, most importantly, I need your prayers.