Friday, January 27, 2012

Head of Maintenance

I am married to a maintenance man, and yes, you should be very jealous!  He fixes what breaks.  And while that means I haven't gotten a new washer and dryer yet, that means I haven't HAD to get a new washer or dryer.   While I admire his ability to fix what is broken, he has taught me that a maintenance man's most important job is to maintain equipment so that it won't break in the first place.  It is a frustration when various disturbances cause him not to be able to preform the preventative maintenance he needs to do at work.  And when something breaks because of a lack of preventative maintenance......well, the grumbling would put a teenage boy's stomach to shame.

I have realized that my housework is much the same.  I can fix what is broken, when I have to, but the most important use of my time (houseworkily speaking) is in preventative measures. If I spend a few minutes every day picking up, then it won't take me 3 hours on Saturday morning to get the floors clean enough to mop.   If I will run the dishwasher every night, and empty it first thing every morning, then I won't have to search though bowls of  gloopy slime to find the offensive odor.  If I would clean out my fridge 5 minutes a day, I will never have to worry about the science experiment in the back. (Science will have to get along without me.)

You get the idea; but what is really the aha factor for me is the effect on my attitude.  When I am doing housework as preventative maintenance. it is usually enjoyable.  At the worse, it is a minor bother, quickly taken care of.  However, when I am doing housework that is a result of a LACK of preventative maintenance.....I grumble, I complain, I get angry and frustrated.  Hmmmmm, my course of action seems pretty logical, doesn't it.

And so, without further ado, I would like to introduce myself as the new Head of Maintenance for LAG Interiors.  I hope the crew likes their new boss!!


  1. It was three years after I had Elaina that I even felt like I understood how to "handle" the house. What is it about housework that's so overwhelming at times?

  2. Perhaps because it is never done, and will never be done if our households work correctly. If our children are playing, we are cooking and showing hospitality to others, then messes are always being made. When I get the mind set of getting the housework "done" (an attitude I have had a lot lately) I usually feel frustrated and get less accomplished. But when I can focus on doing maintenance, it seems my house looks and runs better, and I am MUCH calmer.

  3. I have a different problem....I sometimes leave for work @ 7:20, drop the kids off at school....and get home @ 9:30 at night. Or spend all day in Little Rock or Fayetteville....and get home well after dark. My kids try to help, but let's just say I haven't seen certain items of my clothing in MONTHS (because they've been put away who knows where) or certain items of cookware for the same reason. By the time I get a day off.....I'm WIPED OUT. I think this weekend will be a big cleaning spree.....hopefully....