Thursday, January 26, 2012

I must be crazy!

I have been thinking of starting my own blog for quite some time.  I have talked to some friends about it, I have talked to my husband, I have talked to myself......I talk a lot!  But I didn't think I had anything of importance to say.  Why have a blog?  What message did I have that others would care to read?  Who was I to speak as an authority on anything to anyone?   Did you see my profile pic?  Does this lady really look like she knows anything profound?

Then I realized that speaking to others was not the reason I wanted a blog, but rather to speak to myself where others could hear.  You see, I am a person who craves interaction.  It is not enough for me to think something.  I want to...need to?....long to know what others think about what I am thinking.  Curiosity?  Nosiness?  A need for approval?  Perhaps.  Mostly a desire to feel like I am not the only one; a need for comrades. People who have thought about the same things, whether they agree or not.  People to challenge me to look deeper, better, differently.  People to help me THINK.

So, if you find this blog, please comment. To read your comments is the reason I am doing this.  And if you don't comment......I will be cast into the sea of despair, where waves of hopelessness will overwhelm me.  Or maybe I'll just call my Mom.