Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Training Pays Off

Days like today encourage a Momma.  My husband just finished a night shift.  When he works nights, the house goes downhill fast.  We can't clean in the day while he sleeps, we can't clean while he gets ready because we visit with him, we sometimes manage to clean up supper, take baths and go to bed.  So the days after a night shift are spent catching up.  I told my 9 year old daughter today that her bathroom and bedroom had to be cleaned.  

Here are the before pictures of the bedroom

And here are the after!

This is the same daughter I once spent an hour with picking up 20 blocks.  Yes, that's right....20 blocks...one hour.  She was crying, I was crying, and all I wanted to do was quit.  I kept thinking how much time I was wasting making her do a job I could have finished in 1 minute.  I felt so guilty and mean for making her cry so hard.  I wondered just how crazy I was.  But I stuck it out.  And today I spent 0 minutes cleaning her room, 0 minutes cleaning her bathroom, and 0 minutes putting away dishes.  Time spent training a child is NOT wasted.  And this I need to remember.


  1. Go Hannah! (and Go Mama!!) Awesome job!

  2. You are so right, and I totally understand about the house. When James is on night shift it's pretty bad around here also, we get through it because thankfully its only once a month. Congrats on her picking up her room it always makes me feel proud when my boys (7 and 8) clean theirs and their play room. Sometimes it takes much longer then it should and I could do it better and faster but I remind myself its not about that. lol Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one.

    1. I am thankful night shifts are spread out so far. It always feels like a victory when we have one behind us.