Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Results!!

I accomplished a LOT this week!!

I made costumes for our play.

I have been helping three teenage girls prepare an acapella piece, and they paid me back this week by cleaning all my light fixtures......



and painting ALL the boards for our upstairs construction project!

Hannah got to paint, too.

I organized my utility room.  Here is before......

and after!

My favorite addition to my laundry room is the sorter I found on pinterest.  My honey built it, the kids and I painted it and it is wonderful!!!  Now everyone sorts their own laundry, and when a basket is full, I pop it into the washer.

The utility room needs a few more details, and then I will post pics of the finished room, but I am very pleased with my spring break.

 And just in case you were worried about all work and no play for the kids, I'll just post this pic of their mud fight!



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  2. You made a laundry basket dresser!!! I can't wait until my laundry room is finished. It is gutted right now. No washer or dryer for four days now...and at least five to go. Yours looks great!

    1. I know it will be worth it when your utility room is finished. If you want to bring the boys over to play one day and do laundry, just let me know.