Monday, September 16, 2013


I know I have been neglecting this blog lately.  I would like to say that this is the beginning of timely posting, but I cannot.  I would like to say that I have so much to share with you that I am excited about posting, but I cannot.  I would like to tell you something remarkably insightful that will make your day better, but I cannot.

I can say that the end of a very busy season should come next week.  I can say that my stress level is decreasing daily.  I can say that the Lord has been gracious to me throughout this hectic, one-project-after-another (more like several-projects-at-the-same-time after another) period of my life.  I can say that I have learned some of my limits over the past few months.

 Some of those lessons have been learning my limit on trying to please everyone.  It finally became absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to please everybody, so I quit trying, and oh! I felt better.  Some of those lessons have been learning I have a limit on well-doing, which according to scripture we should not weary of.  (Galatians 6:9)  Trying to balance these two lessons has been good for me, and, I hope, has caused me to grow.  Learning the difference between pleasing everybody and well doing is a valuable lesson for women in particular.  We generally are the nurturers, the care givers, the fixers; and in that role, can easily become overwhelmed.  But if we can stop trying to please people, and focus on pleasing God, life becomes much more simple.

 Well doing is performing those things that will please our heavenly Father.  He cares whether or not we help the brethren, pray to Him, and study His word.  He doesn't care if we attend every social function, have the best dressed family, or are first in line to volunteer for every opportunity that comes our way.  He cares if we love our husbands and our children, but He does not care if we fix a gourmet dinner every night, or if we have the smartest kids in the class.  He cares if we attend His worship service and do not forsake the assembly of ourselves together, but He does not care if the food we bring for lunch is pizza from the gas station, or if our makeup is perfect when we get there.

Pleasing God instead of man is a important key to calmness in the midst of chaos.  I have found  that if I am working to please God, then most of the people I care about are also pleased.  And those that are not, are presented with the opportunity to practice forgiveness.  There is a lot that I cannot say and do, but there is much I can.......and that is where my focus must lie.  My daddy once told me "Do what is right, and let everything else just fall where it may."  That was wise council then, and it still is today.  I pray that you and I will have the strength to do right today.

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