Friday, January 4, 2013


Tomorrow morning I will have a huge hurdle to leap if I want to get up at 5:00 am.

In about 25 minutes, 8 girls ranging in ages from 12-5 will be arriving at my house for a sleepover/party/rotating basketball practice. Two will not spend the night.  Two will leave at 4:45 pm for basketball practice and return a little after 6:00 pm.  My husband and our daughter (and probably a friend or two) will leave for ball practice at 5:45 pm and return shortly after 7:00 pm.  We have plans to paint fingers and toes....that could be 90 nails.  Pizza is for supper. (thank you HBON {that is what I call my husband})  I believe there are plans for a fashion show, crafts, and who knows what else.

After all of this excitement, HBON will leave (around 8:45 pm) to take the two who are not staying to their domiciles, and I will try to put my four year old little boy and 7 hyper girls to bed.  I expect this process to take some time.

And then I will go to bed, with my alarm set for 5:00 am.

We will see if I make it.

The hurdle looms large at the moment.

We will see.

P.S.  Anyone care to guess what HBON stands for?


  1. I though about you al night last night.
    I'm cracking myself up with my guesses but none of the are "real" guesses. I'm going to keep thinking on that one.

  2. I made it...sort of. I woke up at 5:00, showered and dressed, read, and than realized I did not have to make breakfast (I made homemade pop tarts the day before), I did not need to make supper (we are going to a friend's house tonight), I could not clean house ( I was NOT going to prematurely wake up all those children) At 6:30, I took a hour long nap! But I did wake up at 5:00am! ;)

  3. I've been reading backward from the top, and have read it as honeybun in my head each time. lol :) Did you ever reveal the real answer? Admiring this pursuit of yours! Good for you!