Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Laugh With Me

If you have not read my previous post, A Glimpse Into My Brain, you should before proceeding to read this post.  Otherwise, you won't understand the irony.

I opened my box from Sur la Table this morning to remove my tortilla press.  Guess what was in there.   A coffee pot!  I guess my subconscious recognized the box was to big for a tortilla press.  I called the company this morning, and they were wonderful.  They apologized for the mistake, though I am pretty sure it was UPS's mistake and not Sur la Table's.  They offered to send my tortilla press overnight for free (shipping free, not the product), but since we are going camping I told them regular shipping would be fine.  So, instead, they are going to refund my shipping cost completely, and they are sending UPS out here to pick up the coffee pot and send it on to the poor lady in Virginia who is trying to figure out how to make coffee with a tortilla press!  Maybe she could use it to grind her coffee beans?   So, this week, we will have store bought tortillas, and we will try the homemade kind soon.

Y'all have a great day, and remember to smile when things go wrong.  It won't fix anything if you are mad or upset, and laughter always helps relieve stress.  Look for the funny!  If you are like me, it is quite easy to find!!!


  1. I like reading your post. Such fun.

  2. Ha! You could make tortilla coffee. And send it in a pretty package to the lady making coffee tortillas. :)