Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Truth Hurts

Yesterday was a bad day...a needful day...but a bad day.  First, I had to go on a wild goose chase from the women's Dillard's store to the men's Dillard's store, back to the women's, back to the men's, back to the women's chasing down a book Daniel had left behind.  I did not mind the hunt, or even walking back and forth between the stores.  What I did mind was the sweat rolling down the sides of my body, my pounding heart, and my breathlessness.  UGG!!  There are old people who could lap me in that mall who would not be as out of breath as I was.  Revelation...I am not just out of shape, I am pathetically out of shape.

Next, we went to Kohl's where after helping the rest of my family find what they were looking for, they toured the store and let me do some shopping for myself.  I went to the dressing room to try on some clothes and was horrified.  One dress would have required a size I have never bought before...not even immediately after having my children.  Another dress would not lay down straight in back.  When I investigated I found that the protrusion came from my backside, not the dress. Revelation....I am not overweight, I am obese.  (I calculated my BMI when we go home and that is not an exaggeration.) I had to literally compose myself before I was able to leave that dressing room.

So I have decided an extreme situation calls for an extreme solution.  I have known I needed to loose weight all year, but I have made excuses instead.  Instead of loosing, I gained weight.  So I am posting pictures of myself on this blog, and I am telling you all that my weight right now is 185 lbs.

I plan to post updated pictures and weights once a month.  Hopefully, knowing this picture post is coming will give me the extra willpower to do the things I need to in order to be healthy.  Please pray for me in this regard.  I don't see how my life can be more than just surviving if my weight continues to hold me back.  And I want to do more than just survive.  I want to thrive.


  1. I'll cheer you on from here. You can do it. It's so hard, but you can do it.

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  3. I find that being healthy is hard work...but so worth it. I can't wait to see your progress!

    1. Thanks. Support from friends is encouraging.

  4. Alisa,
    You can do it! I started this same journey back in September, and I wieghed 187. I'm now at 166. It's a slow, frustrating process, but it's do-able. If you are looking for inspiration or motivation I found mine on Pinterest and weight loss blogs on Tumblr. They were the only things that kept me going everyday. Hang in there, and if you ever need encouragement (or venting) I'm here for you. Good luck!
    Leslye Ledford