Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Indecision Is the Culprit

I haven't posted for a while because I can't decide which way I want to go with this blog.  I enjoyed my year in Proverbs, posting primarily about changes I tried to make according to the wisdom found in that marvelous book.  Part of me wants to continue along those same lines, but branching out from Proverbs.  Part of me wants to use this space as a place to exhort myself to do what is right according to scripture instead of according to my reasoning.  However, I am scared of seeming like a know-it-all, watch-me-be-amazing Pharisee, so I am hesitant to go this way.  Part of me would like to just blog about the everyday occurrences in life that I will forget and someday wish I could remember.  Yet, I don't want to bore all eight of you all with the mundane happenings of  Casa Verde.  I would like to be able to give you great tips and tricks for making your houses a home and your families close knit and your friendships priceless.  But, I don't know enough tips and tricks.  Perhaps I should do some combo of the above.  See....indecision.

So, I am going to pass the buck to you.  Please, take a moment and tell me would you like more post from scripture or is it time for me to be silent for a while.  Would you like to see what goes on in our home, or should I pull the blinds?  Would you like the one or two things I have figured out about households and kiddos and friends, or would you prefer I leave that o an expert.  I need more info to kick this indecision to a curb and find a place to focus.  Any assistance you could render would be appreciated.  Thanks!


  1. I was "thisclose" to griping about a delay in your blogging, so definitely don't just quit!
    Share anything that's on your mind - something you have learned, advice you have to give, anecdotes from Casa Verde. It will either 1) provoke us in a positive way, 2)give us some humor, or 3) give us something to think about and perhaps even give you help with.
    It's all good.