Saturday, December 14, 2013

But Sometimes...

Isn't life funny.  I made my post yesterday about well doing, in part to encourage myself, in part to encourage you all; and this morning I was presented with another opportunity to help someone....and I said no.  Now here is the thing...I just could not do it today.  I had to work at the church, my house was a wreck because my focus had been a lot of other places this week, and Christmas is coming, y'all!  I had to have a day with just my troubles, responsibilities, and family to worry about if I had a hope of getting through next week.  So, I said no.

My friend, who called for the help, was wonderfully understanding, didn't make me feel at all guilty, and even called to give us an update on things so that we would not worry.  She knows, I hope...I think, that next time she needs some help she should call me and I will probably say yes.  Another friend sent me a little note encouraging me to feel okay about saying no sometimes because I say yes so much.  She even gave me a virtual pat on the back.  And that's the best thing about grown up friendships.  They (grown up friends)  get it when I have to say no, they will give me another opportunity to say yes, and they will love me no matter what.

We should be willing to be well doers.  We should want to be well doers.  But there are times in life that you just have to say no...and that is okay.  Recognizing our limits is not being is just being human.


  1. That's what's so great about our "group."

  2. And sometimes, being told "no" is good for the other person too. Helps that whole "maturity" thing.