Monday, February 4, 2013

Idleness is Sneaky

Friday afternoon, my house looked great, one child was playing happily, the other was at a friend's house, I was making supper, and my husband was working on a project.  "We are really humming along," I thought to myself.  "This not eating idleness is really paying off."  And it was.  I had a great week and everything just flowed better.  My breaks were ten minutes instead of sixty, which meant I got more work done and had more time to play with the children.  I was more patient, they were better behaved, and HBON noticed the house was more orderly.  It was working.

Then after supper Friday night, when my husband went to ball practice to pick up my daughter, I decided to be lazy "just for a while".  A friend came home with my daughter to spend the night, so instead of cleaning up supper, I visited with the girls and then went to bed.  Saturday morning I woke up, loaded most of the supper dishes into the dishwasher, made breakfast, got the laundry started, and then we all went down to clean the church.  Then we went to a ball game, and then a baby shower.  When I got home, I decided to rest and watch a ball game with my husband.  Then he talked me into ordering a pizza and we watched a movie as a family.  Then we went to bed.  Sunday morning we woke up and rushed around and left for church at 8:15 am and arrived home at 4:00 pm.  I laid down to rest and read.  Then we watched the Super Bowl.  Then we went to bed.

Now it is Monday morning, and as I survey the pile of dirty dishes....Saturday morning's breakfast dishes through Sunday nights supper dishes....and I look at the toys scattered everywhere, and the laundry that is not folded, and floor that was not swept...and as I feel the tension all of this causes settle into my shoulders, I am realizing the cost of idleness.   But what gets me the most is I did not see myself as idling at the time.  Resting...spending time with my family....taking a break....having fun.....but not being idle. Idleness can sneak up on us so quickly and quietly and rob us of our peace. Thirty minutes Friday night, one hour Saturday afternoon, 45 minutes Sunday afternoon...that is all it would have taken.  I would still have had plenty of time with my family.  Instead, I idly lazed around and now I must spend the day squeezing some pretty hefty cleaning into a school day.

Idleness is sneaky.  Friday afternoon I thought I had it all under control.  Monday morning, I know better.  I should remember that pride goeth before a fall.  I should remember that he that thinketh he standeth should take heed lest he fall. I should remember that idleness is a tool of Satan and is therefore subtle. Most of all, I should remember though I slip and fall and fail, that God never does, and He loves me and is for me.  Remembering this makes trying again easier and even a little exciting.  I have a chance today to serve God.  That is a pretty wonderful to do list.

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