Monday, September 24, 2012

Fighting the Good Fight

Some days we wonder why we fight.  The battle is won. Our amazing Savior secured the victory.  Heaven is our home.  So why fight on?  Why strive to do what is right when what is easy is so much.....well, easier?  Why struggle against our nature when giving in is so...natural?  Why be cheerful in the face of adversity when throwing temper tantrums feels so right?  Why fight when victory is ours?

.  Because living like victors means acting like the King.  Because giving up is for quitters, and who wants to be a quitter. Because there is joy in battle and small victories...true, reviving, heart shining joy.  Because those around us will be strengthened, encouraged, and uplifted when our joy rubs up against them.   And because it is the right thing to do.

Lift up the standard of the King and fight on.  Stand strong, and others will rally to your side.   The battle may, at times, be exhausting, but the rewards our worth the struggle. Fight the good fight, never complaining, knowing there is glory in battle for the strong warrior.

p.s.  this is my favorite "battle scene!"  

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